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James A. Moore


To have a career in operating and maintaining microcomputer systems in a product design and/or manufacturing environment.  Primary focus: Electrical Controls Design featuring AutoCAD Electrical.



astrbul1e   Can install, run, and administer these OSs and other major packages:

      All Microsoft from early DOS to 2000 Server AD domain

      Autodesk AutoCAD and AutoCAD Electrical

      Netware 3.12 and 4.11 server & clients

      Exchange 5.5 mail server

      Internet Information Services

      RedHat Linux 6.1 and 9

      MS Visio, JASC PaintShop Pro

      MS Office Pro & SB Suites

      MS FrontPage, Dreamweaver 2, Chiami HTML-Kit

astrbul1e   Programming capabilities:

AutoLISP, BASIC, Visual Basic 6, Fox Pro 2.5 and Visual FoxPro 5, HTML, CGI, PHP & Javascript.  Have used ActiveX with VB to create applications.

astrbul1e   Tools & Utilities:

Symantec Norton suite (Corporate Anti-virus, SystemWorks, Ghost), SurfControl SuperScout, Netopia Router configuration (firewall, NAT, & DHCP, used wireless internet connection to ISP), BackupExec 7.11 for Netware, also Tapeware and MS-based backup/restore experience.

Work Experience

2005 2009    Glasstech, Inc.         Rossford, OH

Electrical Controls Designer / ACAD-E Systems Maintenance

astrbul1e   Design electrical controls for glass bending and tempering machines.
astrbul1e   Maintain ACAD-E parts database, troubleshoot issues as they arise, and assist other designers with the Glasstech Electrical Department systems. 
astrbul1e   Write code when necessary to continuously improve Glasstech's installations of AutoCAD Electrical.

2005    CISP, Inc.         Sylvania, OH

Help line technical support operator for dial-up ISPs

        astrbul1e  Solve dial-up access issues for customers.
19922004   Innovative Controls Corp. (ICON)         Toledo, OH

Systems Administrator / CADD Coordinator

astrbul1e   Troubleshoot PC programs and develop software-based solutions to company needs.

astrbul1e   Install, maintain, recommend all company PCs, software,  servers, and all network equipment.

astrbul1e   Security enforce computer security policies

astrbul1e   Helpdesk - assist users in all aspects of running a PC.

astrbul1e   Created and maintained ICON intranet

astrbul1e   Installed & maintained ICON web, mail & FTP servers (both IIS and Linux-based versions)

astrbul1e   Fill-in as needed or requested making documentation for company and client use, suggest and implement solutions.  Some Engraving with ACAD.

astrbul1e   Maintain all backups and storage standards incl. offsite.



Work Experience


CADD Staff, Assistant LAN Administrator & CADD Coordinator (ICON 1992 -1996)

astrbul1e   Test and develop ICON standards for Toolbox/WD (now AutoCAD Electrical 2004), write code to integrate with ICONs systems.

astrbul1e   Program and implement LISP and scripting systems to help automate creation of electrical controls system design documents using AutoCAD.

astrbul1e   Maintain accuracy of CADD block library, using electrical controls industry standard parts (ex. AB, Groupe Schneider, Modicon, GE)

astrbul1e   Maintain and police PLC I/O and panel layout drawing standards.

astrbul1e   Maintain backups of all CADD drawings and police storage standards.

astrbul1e   Assistant Netware Network administrator.

astrbul1e   Electrical Controls CADD drafter/designer using AutoCAD.


19911992      Owens Technical College           Northwood, OH

(both part time)      University of Toledo                Toledo, OH

Introductory AutoCAD 13 instructor

astrbul1e   Teach new students how to run AutoCAD


2004present                JAMCAD Consulting Enterprises                 Pemberville, OH

Sole Proprietorship

astrbul1e   Computer design, build, setup, program and tutoring.

astrbul1e   AutoCAD compatible drafting services, AutoLISP programming services.
      VB, PHP and MySQL programming services.


       astrbul1e  Microsoft Certified Professional.

1982-1992                   BGSU                             Bowling Green, OH

astrbul1e   Co-ops in electronic equipment repair at BGSU, and in electrical control panel assembly at Henry Filters in Bowling Green, OH.

astrbul1e   Unfinished major in Product Design Technology. Coursework completed includes design/engineering graphics, architectural design and drafting, CADD/CAM, physics, calculus, trigonometry, video communication technology, manufacturing processes and metalworking classes, electrical and electronics classes including function and design of AC and DC electric motors, computer science, technical writing and creative writing, management and marketing classes, legal studies, economics, statistics, psychology, sociology, and interpersonal communication.

1970-1982                 Eastwood Schools        Pemberville & Luckey, OH

astrbul1e   1982 High School graduate.  Excelled in AP English, earned college credit for two courses.  ACT score 28 composite.


Achievements & Affiliations

Skilled data-entry person, type 80 wpm., excellent English language and pattern recognition skills.

Wrote many AutoLISP routines for ICON CADD department. 

Implemented offsite storage at ICON.

Upgraded PC system controlling machine making auto parts.  Involved selecting a newer PC to replace an aged one, installing a new Modbus card, troubleshooting and upgrading VB program using Modbus ActiveX controls.

Performed migration from Win 95/98 workstations and NT4 domain to Win 2000 Active Directory domain and workstations.

Destroyed a trojan anti-virus software couldnt (1993 ICON)

Wrote VB program to fire shop floor buzzer on schedule.

Implemented tape, CD, and online storage at ICON.